Orwasher's Bakery
Contact: Keith Cohen
Address: 1187 East 156th Street  Bronx, NY, 10474
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About Us
Orwasher’s Bakery (New York, NY) has almost a century of experience crafting European breads such as ryes, pumpernickels, and challahs.
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Orwasher's is a New York City institution. Founded in 1916 by a Hungarian immigrant family, the bakery began as a small storefront in the Upper East Side. It was born out of a desire to serve local immigrant community members and focused on the high quality rye, black, and grain breads that reflected the traditions of their homeland. After being passed on from generation to generation of the Orwasher family, the business was sold to Keith Cohen in 2008. Since then, Keith and his team have worked hard to respect the brand's rich history while incorporating a distinctly current point of view. As part of this evolution, they have partnered with regional farmers for raw materials, are working with local wineries to create their starters and have developed a new line of contemporary artisan breads to satisfy today’s palates.