Merchant's Daughter
Address: 8 Main Street P.O. Box 136 Purdys, NY, 10578
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Phone: 914-671-6760
About Us
The inspiration behind Merchant’s Daughter Premium Hard Cider was the history and legacy of hard-working merchant families who handed down responsibility for their family businesses from one generation to the next. The name on the door was usually a man’s, but behind the counter their wives and daughters preserved the family legacy – both personal and professional. Our headquarters in Purdys, NY exemplifies this legacy. This former neighborhood General Store was passed down from generation to generation via the daughters. These merchant women were the backbone of the community. Their hard work and determination energized and fueled the growth of New York. They inspire us today and we honor their legacy each time a glass of Merchant’s Daughter Premium Hard Cider is shared amongst friends.

Rotation: 1st Saturday of each month
Merchant’s Daughter is premium, New York-sourced, hard cider inspired by hard-working merchant families and the women who led them. Our hard ciders are made in partnership with apple growers located in the Hudson Valley. We choose only apples rich in fresh, bright fruit flavors. This creates a sophisticated yet inviting taste-profile made to perfectly pair with your favorite dishes.