Maple View Farm
Contact: Kyle Nisonger
Address: 900 Route 216 Poughquog, NY, 12570
Email Address:
Phone: 203-349-1925
About Us
Maple View Farm is a small-scale, intensive, no-till market garden providing seasonally fresh produce 12 months out of the year using hand labor and no tractors. We grow a variety of vegetables with a focus on fresh cut salad mixes, baby greens, lettuces, micro-greens/shoots, and baby root crops.

We broke ground in the spring of 2017, re-purposing an old dairy farm (circa 1870) into a small-scale vegetable and herb farm. Owner and farmer Kyle brought with him his knowledge of growing up on a family farm in Ohio, combined with experience working on several successful farms in the Hudson Valley. Kyle started Maple View Farm with the goal to provide fresh produce to the local community in a sustainable manner.

Rotation: weekly

We grow our produce following organic practices and promote a diverse, healthy, living soil. These practices combined with a bit of hard work yield incredibly delicious and nutritious food. We plan for official organic certification in August 2021.

We use integrated Pest Control Methods (IPM), which starts with focusing on soil health which will support healthy plants that are less susceptible to pests/diseases. Crops are planted seasonally to match their preferred growing conditions as well as avoid detrimental pest cycles. Row covers are used to physically exclude pests and as a last resort, organically approved pesticides are occasionally used when deemed necessary. No-till production methods exclude the vast majority of weeds, but hand weeding and hand cultivation are used when necessary.