Contact: Ed & Rose McNamara
Address: 827 County Road 29 Norwich, NY, 13815
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Phone: 607-334-6017
About Us
We are a certified organic farm nestled in the hills of Norwich, NY about 200 miles north of Pleasantville. We practice a holistic approach to farming where every decision is based on the health and welfare of the animals, fields, soil and employees. We raise organic pastured no-soy chicken and eggs along with organic ducks and turkeys as well as organic grass fed lamb. Additionally, we produce a limited amount of organic produce and herbs.We practice intensive rotational grazing for the benefit of forage and animal wellbeing. We harvest & process our birds on farm to ensure the highest standards are applied. Our eggs are ranked 10th in the nation by Cornucopia Institute.
Rotation: Weekly
Our poultry are certified organic. The chickens and eggs are raised on an organic no-soy feed to compliment the access to pasture and the occasional bugs and insects. They are free ranging and pastured with access to the fields 24/7 in season. Our layers have over 108 sqft per hen and are moved to fresh fields every 3-5 days. The eggs are washed with water from underground springs. We never use any chemicals. Our Heritage and Cornish Cross meat birds have access to fresh grass every day which is why they are so flavorful. We process our birds on farm in our NYS licensed 5A facility to ensure the highest standards are adhered to and the birds receive the most humane treatment. Our ducks are raised in fields surrounding a large fresh water pond fed by springs where the water is constantly changing. The organic turkeys are also on pasture nearly their whole life and are wonderful foragers. Our sheep lamb in the winter inside a warm and protected barn but outside daily. In the Spring the lamb, ewes and rams are on pasture full time grazing on a rotational basis.