Wright's Farm
Contact: Tammy Boylan
Address: 699 State Route 208 Gardiner, NY, 12525
Email Address:
Phone: 845-255-5300
About Us
Wright’s Farm (Gardiner, NY) sells fresh homegrown fruits and specialty berries (and some veggies), along with homemade jams, jellies, pickles and canned goods, pies, and other baked goods made with their own fruit. And they also bring pastured eggs too.
Rotation: returns next spring
Great-grandfather Charles bought our farm in 1903 and he, Elizabeth, and their ten children worked it as a dairy farm. The first commercial apple orchard was planted 1910, mostly in Macintosh. Of the ten children, only Ted stayed on to work the farm with his wife, Ann. Now, Ted Jr., daughter Tammy, husband Mike Boylan, and grandson Colin work the farm. Tammy, Samantha, MacKenzie and Anya participate in several local farmers markets and Tammy recreates her Grandma Ann's tasty preserves and baked goods. Our farm ecology program includes a low spray technique.