Yellow Bell Farm
Contact: Katie Bogdanffy
Address: 110 Linden Ave Red Hook, NY, 12571
Email Address:
Phone: 845-758-2327
About Us
Yellow Bell Farm (Red Hook, NY) is owned and operated by 3rd generation poultry farmer Katie Bogdanffy. Katie brings to market fresh free-running roasting chickens, chicken parts, and tasty brown eggs as well.
Rotation: Weekly
Providing a fresh, healthy, local protein for customers is the mission of Yellow Bell Farm. Our fresh chicken and pastured eggs are of the highest quality, flavorful, and super fresh! We are a 100% antibiotic-free farm. All parts of our chickens are used--the feet and bones go into our rich Chicken Bone Broth. Our chicken is not packed in wasteful styrofoam trays or in excessive packaging.