Woven Stars Farm
Contact: Emerson Martin and Lizzie Galeucia
Address: 30a Eagle Rock Rd Ghent, NY, 12075
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About Us
Woven Stars Farm (Ghent, NY) is a small, diversified farm, cultivating a sustainable food system in harmony with nature to provide pastured meats and eggs.
Rotation: Weekly
At Woven Stars Farm, we are cultivating a sustainable food system in harmony with nature by incorporating principles of permaculture design to mimic a productive forest ecology. Our pasturing method is determined by the needs of our animals and the areas in which they graze. We rotate our herds based on the plant species growing in the area, the dietary needs of the animal, and the fragility of the soil. We aim for a high stocking density to our paddocks and a quick rotational time, similar to how these herd animals graze and forage in the wild. Our livestock are bred for the quality of their meat as well as their hardiness. They are encouraged to use their instinctual behaviors and species-specific characteristics to remain stress-free and healthy. We have a diversity of chicken breeds, including Barred Rock, Australorp, Rhode Island Red, Welsummer, and Golden Comet. Free to roam on the farm, they happily scavenge for insects, grain, grit, and grasses all the while gently tilling in the soil. As they move they fertilize the soil with their nitrogen-rich manure. Only local, organic grain is used as a supplement. All of our beehives are treatment-free and we strive to breed our stock hearty to survive the cold winter months and become resistant to diseases.