Conant Valley Jams
Contact: Margery Schiffman
Address: 2004 Briar Woods Ln Danbury, CT, 06810
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Phone: 914-263-1530
About Us
Conant Valley Jams (South Salem, NY) creates small-batch, low-sugar handmade jams with remarkably intense flavor. Unusual fruits and combinations make these preserves a real treat.
Rotation: weekly March - December
The jams are made by cutting the sugar content back to the lowest possible level. Some sugar is required for the Jams to gel, and many a jam has turned into a syrup or a dessert sauce when the conditions weren't exactly correct.
Low production, careful hand preparation, and recipes that are adapted with each batch to account for sweetness and ripeness lead to jams that are remarkable for their clarity of taste and intensity of flavor.