Hudson Valley Fisheries
Contact: John Ng
Address: 4269 U.S. 9 Hudson, NY, 12534
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Phone: 518-249-4750
About Us
Hudson Valley Fisheries, located in Hudson NY, is a fast-growing aquaculture business inspired by our commitment to food quality, food security and environmental stewardship. Our goal is to raise the finest tasting, healthiest and most sustainable steelhead trout, while also protecting wild fish populations and the environment.
Rotation: Absent Dec - Mar
We raise our trout from egg to harvest using a land-based Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS). This technology allows us to recycle up to 95% of the water in the system, as the water is continuously filtered and reused. Therefore, unlike typical salmon farms, we do not use antibiotics, hormones, or pesticides to grow a healthy and delicious fish.

Our feed ingredients include a non-GMO vegetable/grain base, anchovies, and fish trimmings sourced from sustainably managed fisheries. There is no corn or soy in their diet. The carotenoids in their diet are a byproduct of algae. This contains nutritious antioxidants that gives our fish its beautiful orange color without the use of artificial dyes or chemicals.

Another benefit of RAS is our fish do not contain any mercury or micro-plastics.

Hudson Valley Fisheries is BAP certified with 4 stars. A BAP certification ensures that our farm meets the highest standards with respect for the environment, team and community, and the fish themselves. Each start represents a different part of our production chain including the nursery, feed, farm and processing. BAP is one of the highest awards a farm can receive because it is an annual onsite audit that consists of an extensive list of qualifications.

HVF is also rated “Best Choice” by Monterrey Bay Seafood Watch.