Campanelli's Poultry Farm
Contact: Tony Campanelli
Address: PO Box 227 Kenoza Lake, NY, 12750
Email Address:
Phone: 845-482-2222
About Us
Campanelli’s Poultry Farm (Sullivan County, NY) has three generations of experience raising fresh poultry and eggs. Tony Campanelli and his family will also bring to market turkey, ducks, geese, and lamb.
Rotation: Weekly
It is our goal to provide fresh and delicious food for the surrounding communities and to keep small farming businesses viable.
We produce a full range of All Natural poultry products including meat chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks and eggs. We process fresh poultry every week in our New York State inspected facility. All of our poultry is raised in open air barns and in humane, clean and healthy conditions. Anti-biotics, steroids, or hormones are never given to our flocks and our feed is milled regionally at the Connecticut Feed Co-op.